The short answer is YES! Google My Business is the way patients find your practice information on Google Search, especially on mobile devices. It literally puts you on the map. . .the google map. But that’s not all. Google My Business can be considered even more important than a website when it comes to search and information. Best of all. It’s free!

Here’s how it works. When current or future patients are looking for information about your practice, or the services that you offer, google uses the Google My Business page to relay that information to the user. Everyone uses this feature probably without even knowing. For example: When you search for a specific place, you will get an “information box” that has the name, address, phone number, website link, reviews, pictures, hours of operation and more. Obviously, your ccurrent patients will be searching for your number specifically. But, it’s those people who are not current patients and who are looking for a service that you offer. Those are the ones we want to attract. Google My Business is the best way to do that.

Google My Business is an important aspect of an overall Local SEO plan. If you are not actively using Google My Business, then you are falling behind. It’s never too late to get started. We can help.