I have to say that the messaging around the pandemic could be the worst PR campaign in the history of PR campaigns. Now I’m not suggesting that its anyone’s fault. But, in hindsight it seemed to be a guessing game from the get go. But there is a lesson here: when the message is constantly changing, eventually, people stop listening.

It’s the same for your business. You need a consistent message that always centers around specific keywords that you use. We like to create “word banks” for each client. A short list of carefully selected “trigger” words that we use in all the content. Each client has their own. This consistent use of wording in all messaging helps build trust, and that, along with authenticity and likeability are key factors in long term success.

A key part of our process at The Park Group is to deliver messaging that consistently builds the brand. I often tell clients, that when they get to the point of being tired of seeing that same ad. . . that’s the point where everyone is just starting to notice.

Constantly changing the message is no bueno. Keep it consistent for long periods of time, build trust, and burn your brand into the minds of your audience.