Billboard Advertising in Macon

In Macon, billboards are a common form of advertising businesses. As a traditional means of advertisement, billboards are still much in demand among big to small businesses and also among charitable and governmental institutions. Large billboards are also sought after by a variety of advertising industries in Macon, Georgia. Usually, surface streets, freeways, and highways are areas where billboards are placed.

You can find yourself observing the world passing by while commuting, including billboard advertisements. A few billboards are amusing. Additionally, 49% of adult consumers notice billboard commercials more now than they did a year earlier, according to a study conducted in the last year 2023.

It is not like your average inbound marketing plan to use billboard advertising. Yet, it can be an effective strategy for increasing brand recognition and drawing in more clients. Additionally, it can support and enhance other marketing initiatives like SEO, online lead generation, and blogging.

Billboard Advertising

Employing a large-scale print or digital advertisement to promote a business, brand, service, or campaign is known as billboard advertising. Additionally, billboards are classified as out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

Posters, bus shelters, wallscapes, and billboards are some of the examples of out-of-home advertising. In comparison to other marketing tactics, billboards typically receive the most views and impressions due to their prominent positions.

Does advertising on billboards work?

Many believed billboard advertising was outdated before 3D digital billboards were widely popular. Billboards are effective, even though they are occasionally criticized for being disruptive. Although the cost of renting a billboard can be more than that of digital advertising, this kind of marketing has several advantages to take a note of.

Statistics Regarding Billboard Advertising

Statistics Regarding Billboard Advertising

Almost 82% of viewers remember seeing an out-of-home digital advertisement over a month ago. According to 2022 Statista statistics, 32% of respondents enjoy billboards, and 9% like them. These astounding figures could be a possible reason why leading corporations around the world are spending more on billboard advertising.

79% of the top 100 marketers boosted their spending in 2021, according to the data from the Out of Home Advertising Association of America.

The United States has 350,000 billboards, according to Statista data from 2021. 9600 of those are electronic billboards.

According to a 2023 Azoth Analytics analysis, the value of the worldwide market for digital billboards was above $18.5 billion in 2021. During the next five years, this amount is expected to climb by 7%, or more than $1.2 billion.

Cost of Billboard Advertising

Numerous factors affect how much billboard advertising Macon costs. These include the following- the billboard location, the amount of traffic in the area, and the approximate number of people who will view your display. Usually, billboard advertising expenses are billed monthly.

ROI of Billboard Advertising

Digital billboard advertising is a popular option, but the cost is high.

Yet, statistics from 2022 indicate that digital billboards have a 38% return on investment.

At 40% return on investment, traditional billboards are likewise a smart investment.

ROI of Billboard Advertising

Billboard Design Tips

Here are some pointers and illustrations for creating a successful and visually appealing billboard.
  • Tell a short story

Effective billboards take viewers on a trip. Most billboard designs use pictures and occasionally text to tell this tale.

  • Make it clear and bold

You have a little window of time to catch a look at your billboard display from passing cars or pedestrians. Keep your billboard design simple to reach as many people (and potential consumers) as possible. Also, pick hues that will catch viewers’ attention.

  • Consider Location

Billboards that are well-designed convey their location. They capitalize on local inside jokes, sports teams, peculiarities, and nicknames. As a result, those who see the billboard may be far more likely to remember the brand.

  • Make it engaging and memorable

It might be possible to design your billboard so that it interacts with its surroundings, depending on where it is placed. OOH advertisement contrasts with the daily grind of commuting. Every billboard advertisement must use compelling storytelling or a compelling call to action to captivate viewers.


How much is a billboard in Macon GA?

A billboard’s price is determined by several variables, such as its kind, size, placement, and visibility. In Macon, the average monthly cost of a billboard is $1,423.46.

Who is the most famous agency in Macon, GA?

The Park Group, a full-service marketing agency, is one of the best billboard advertising companies in Macon.

How much does a billboard designer cost?

The size of the billboard advertisement may impact the typical cost of billboard design. The price of creating a billboard advertisement is determined by the size, durability, and quality of the adverts.

Is advertising with the billboard worth it in Macon, GA?

The advantages of billboards and the number of prospective clients they can introduce you to justify their expense. Purchasing a billboard from billboard advertising agency Macon is a low-cost strategy that offers a high return on investment for promoting your company or goods.

Why is advertising on billboards so expensive?

Due to their high visibility and potential impressions, billboards are a lucrative form of advertising in higher demand and, hence more expensive.

Are billboard costs negotiable?

Longer-term efforts frequently result in monthly discounts or negotiated prices.

Are billboards cheaper than TV ads?

In comparison to alternative forms of advertising, billboards are incredibly economical.

Why should you hire The Park Group for billboard advertising solutions in Macon?

In Macon, Georgia, The Park Group has become a prominent provider of digital solutions that include billboard advertisement. The specialists can design and carry out a cost-effective billboard campaign. We offer comprehensive outdoor billboard advertising solutions, which include mall kiosks, stadium advertising, static and digital billboards, and more.