A quick search brought 2 definitions of the word Huckster:

  • One who produces promotional material for clients to help sell their products through advertising
  • One who sells or advertises something in an aggressive, dishonest, and annoying way.

I prefer to think of the term huckster as someone who has the ability to create a perception in the mind of the consumer that helps them see the service or product in it’s best light. Have I been know to fudge it a little? Absolutely. I’ve done thousands of ads for car dealerships. At one time it seemed that the prevailing thought was “The Loudest Commercial Wins.” Phrases like “up to” and “as low as” gave us the freedom to embellish. And it worked! Especially for the car business because price is really the only thing that matters.

Here’s the deal. . in advertising. . some of this still works. You have to get someone’s attention before anything else happens. But that is where great copywriting comes in. When you use words to generate interest and plant the seed that yours is the best option, you will be rewarded. Our goal is to make sure that we communicate with our clients so that when the ads work, and the customer shows up, they can deliver on the offer.