This post is for anyone who has decided to start a side hustle or new business and wants to know the best way to get online exposure in a crowded market and take the first steps to building an online presence.


  1. Research and purchase a domain. Companies like Godaddy and Namecheap will allow you to search to find what is available. Try to keep your domain short and related to your business.
  2. Build a website. Even a simple one page website will do. This will give you an online “storefront” so that potential clients and customers can get the information they are seeking. It will also valid you and show that you are legit.
  3. Start a Facebook page and link it to the website. Think of it as letting people step foot into your place of business. Over time you may want to jump into other platforms to promote your business, but Social Media Management can be overwhelming. . . especially to someone who is just starting out. So, just pick one and start populating it with content related to your product or service.
  4. Verify your listing on Google My Business. This is extremely important especially for local search. Google presents this information in Google Maps and on the Google info box. Mobile searches will also use Google My Business to serve up your business when searched.
  5. Develop content. Whether it’s blogging, showing images of what you offer or answering questions about your product or service, this content can be shared on all of your platforms. This also helps with SEO and gives you authority.


Obviously, there are many other aspects of gaining an online presence for your business, but these 5 are enough to get you started and create a foundation to build on over time.


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