The term “branding” may seem old school, but it is more relevant today than ever. And what has become more apparent is that your “personal brand” may be the most important of all. So what is a personal brand?

Your personal brand is how you differentiate yourself from the others. Your brand is both what you stand for and what you do. With the increase in the gig economy where freelancers make up about 40% of the new workforce, personal brand building is essential. However, it also applies to the legacy economy of professional services, sales and anything you do to make a living. Building your brand is like building equity in yourself. It will grow.

Our job at The Park Group is to help clients build brands for the business, and for the person. Successful local brands are almost always the face of a business. Business names alone will only go so far. Your business needs a face that can be someone that is recognizable and can become a household names.

The legal profession has figure this out. One name law firms where the lawyer is the star. When you build top of mind awareness like that, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on google and other digital platforms. People look for you specifically.

Brand building is a long term process, but it pays back over time. The money you invest in building your personal brand will continue to give you an ROI for many years into the future. If you’re interested in building your personal brand, let’s talk.